Our music

Since the start Club Epsilon is a fan of the Trance and House muziek. This is and always will be our main music theme.

Nevertheless, Club Epsilon also welcomes all kinds of genres and some nights we have theme nights with music from the 80s, 90s and much more.

Two genres you’ll never hear at Epsilon. Namely Hard Rock and Country songs. The reason for this can be find in the fact that we believe that there are already hundreds of clubs offering this style of music. Also trying to stay loyal to what we stand for since the founding of Epsilon, we keep our Trance and House music in our hearts….. In Trance we believe….

During the years, we’ve tried different stream providers. Almost for two years now we believe that our current stream provider, named FNS Streams, was the best choice for Club Epsilon.

The constant care taking of their clients, the professionalism of the owner and staff, the fact that they are always there to help out or solve any problem and have a Helpdesk which would make many businesses jealous, give us the best feeling and loyalty towards them as a customer. After 10 years in RLC and many tryouts with other providers, I’ve came to the conclusion that only one stream provider matches our sometimes “strict requirements” and provides us with a 100% stream service. In short, we can count on them. They have been one of the pillars that make our success.

I would like to thank FNS STREAMS for their loyal, professional and friendly cooperation. I can recommend them to anyone


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