About us

Club Epsilon was founded in 2009 by Stefany_CE.

Together with DAQUEEN she opened Epsilons doors for the first time in Rude Virtual World.

After a year and while building up the visitor number slow but steady, they moved the club to RLC which lead into a complete freedom of working and giving both ladies the opportunity to become one of the leading clubs in RLC.

Epsilon had parties every night during the first 4 years of its existence. However, real life wasn’t forgotten and after that period and because it became very difficult to find hard working and dedicated Staff members to assist them, they decided to reduce the parties to maximum three per week. This didn’t include the special events like Mr & Miss Utherverse, the Dance Team Contest and all other special events they organized.

Four years in a row, Club Epsilon organized Miss & Mister Utherverse. And each and every one was a success story. The special events became well known in the virtual world and helped to build up a solid name in the VR world we know.

Many DJ’s came and did their thing at Epsilon. Everybody wanted to DJ in Epsilon. We are there for very grateful to all of them. It’s also thanks to their efforts we became the number 1 dance club.

In 2012, Club Epsilon moved it’s club out of RLC and became one of many clubs located in the VR world. Since then Epsilon evolved into a place were friendship, no drama, everybody welcome and everybody must have fun became the keywords of our existence.

Now, 14 years later, we celebrate our anniversary as the oldest venue in VR world and thank all our guests over the years for becoming part of the Epsilon family.


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