Owner: Stefany_CE

“Hello everybody, My name is Stefany_CE and I’m the owner of Club Epsilon. I’ve founded Epsilon in 2009 because I thought that the Trance, House and Techno music genre wasn’t well represented in RLC. Together with my best friend Queenie we started this club and build it up to were it stands today. I’m a US citizen but living in Europe for the time being. Seeing all our guests having fun, laughing and enjoying the music we bring is my biggest reward. Making sure that people forget their real life troubles for a bit and feeling the friendship, love and happiness at Epsilon. Being among friends… A lot of people have worked with us and to all those who have left or chose another path in live, I want to say thank you for your hard work. Standing together making Epsilon in the #1 dance club in our virtual world. Thank you for your love, friendship and commitment. I hope I can keep on doing this for a long time and hope that together with our guests, we can stay the place to be in this small world where love, friendship, dance and music are the pillars of our existence. Being grateful for all those people who I work with, the Staff, the dancers, the DJ’s, the sponsors… and of course our guests… Club Epsilon, where clubbing is an art.”

General Manager: DAQUEEN_DQD

“Hey guys! 🙂 I’m DAQUEEN… Joined RLC in 2009! Been apart of Epsilon from the VERY beginning and VERY proud to say that! And I mean like when the layout and venue was being discussed and negotiated. Not many stay as long and they fizzle out, lose interest but not Epsilon, the environment is something to experience. Whether you a hardcore trancer, raver or just want a place you know your going to have a good time and remember and come back! Epsilon is the place to be, the staff is amazing and friendly. From the foundation, Epsilon… has been a place I used to spend all my time at 24/7 (literally) I was obsessed just like if it was a real lil baby…. From 2009-2012 was a work in progress. I “spammed” … hosted…Managed….General Managed….Co-Owned Epsilon, oh and I also DJ there. Started DJing end of 2009 at Epsilon!! As a favor but the response was so amazing Stefany hired me fulltime to DJ and I had my own night and back then that was HUGE …all the DJs in Epsilon were super DOPE! DJ Ladygem, DJ Mano,”The Boys” (Jan & Gladje) just to name a few. But ya know,like many times friendships, we get tested and sometimes don’t work out as they should or like they’re suppose to, but TRUE friendship never loses. Though Stefany and I had our differences and we parted ways for some time, the dynamic was still there, the love… and through the storm we made it through,re-connected and back here full circle. Being apart of Epsilon taught me, taught me how to work hard for what you want, and never give up no matter how many people try to stop the growth, tho this is a virtual world, we are real people and the growth is very REAL. Being apart of Epsilon was an experience I never felt before and omg y’all….watta feeling….I’ll never forget! Now it’s such a joy to see the “baby” grow and the formula that made it happen from the beginning remain, and that’s why the success is so great. DJ ErikD…DJ Tempi…Shubi and Lalibasil have made epsilon grow even more and I wish nothing but success and a continued, genuine and timeless experience, lastly Stefany…for allowing me to take the journey with her and experience first hand how to hold on to a dream and fulfill it. Beat the odds and stay shining. All you party animals that support Epsilon over the past 10 years, your support is why Epsilon is still here….it’s YOU! ITs weird but such an honor, to be named an honorary member Staff Member…because in my heart is where I hold Epsilon dear :)) May the next 10 years be as blessed as this. <3 Love you Epsilon. Love the CE Staff. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. DAQUEEN_DQD”

General Manager: PRES_DJ_KIT_FRMC

Hi everyone I am PRES_DJ_KIT_RMC…Joined RLC in 2011…I have DJ”d. Greeted and I am the owner of SINERGY dance team…Being a part of Epsilon in an honor and a privilege to be with a Club who has been with RlC for so long and in good standing with the rlc comunity…Remember we @ Epsilon thrive to make sure you have the best experience ever….

Assistant General Manager: Shubi4U

“I have been using RLC for over 5 years now and worked with lots of groups & worked in lots of big events. Then a friend asked me to come and work for Stefany (owner Epsilon), which I did!! I’ve been working for Epsilon for over 2 years and during that time I have found out it’s not just Epsilon Staff, it’s my RLC family!! They care for me, get u back on track when you are down! During all those years Epsilon gave me chance to work with amazing people like DJ ErikD, DJ Tempi and DJ DAQUEEN, the Top Ranked DJ’s of this virtual world. I simply love them and I have learned so much from them!! They are like family now! My favorite party was when Stefany took us on a ride on the USS Epsilon where we discovered the outer space and boldly went where no one has taken us before!! That was my favorite party and I am willing to go where our Commander Stefany will take me and all the Staff in her leadership !! Simply its not a Club, it’s my home and the Staff is my family. Thank you Stefany for all the love and respect you give us <3”

Tech & DJ Manager: DJ_ErikD_CE

“Being a DJ for more then 30 years in real life, I’ve been at Epsilon from the start. However, my first four years were in the background. Behind the scene as you will. Since 2014 I’ve started DJing at Epsilon because Stefany asked me to. Being in love with the music we provide and the love we all have for Epsilon made it easy to give it all I have for our club. No matter what anyone says. Thanks to Stefany’s will to keep on going for already 10 years in a row. Not letting it go and her persistence in keeping the idea behind Epsilon going, makes Epsilon the place to be without drama, without bad feelings. Many clubs came and tried to beat us, many had to go…. A wise man once said: “Epsilon, often imitated, but never duplicated”…. That’s Epsilon… Feel welcome in our place called Epsilon… or “your home”. ?”

Honorary Staff Member: DJ_CHARLENNE

“Hi everybody!“ I’m Charlenne, my first steps in Epsilon was when I had to cover for another DJ, after a few times covering for that DJ, Stefany asked me to DJ on a weekly basis for a theme night. Friendships grew and Stefany asked me to join the team, one day she found out I was decoing and asked me to help her create a new design for Epsilon, which I accepted with great pleasure. From that day, I made many designs for the club for all of you to enjoy. I always tried to keep things as realistic as possible. I hope you all enjoyed those designs. I wish Stefany and the Epsilon staff a happy years and many many more. I was honored when Stefany asked me to be an Honorary Staff Member. Epsilon will always be part of me, just like Stefany and the staff will always be part of my familly. LOVE YOU ALL! DJ_Charlenne”


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